What is IKAS?

The IKAS Educational Resource Centre is a non-profit making association under agreement with the State (Ministry of National Education) and the State Agency for the Basque language, and is recognised as :

 a public service organisation which produces, publishes and distributes educational resources ;
 a structure bringing together the four educational systems (state education, private religious education, Basque-medium schools and adult education).

Fields of activity

Our services are mainly aimed at teachers in state and private educational establishments, and in adult education, although they are also used by decision-makers in the field of culture and by the public at large.

 Basque language resource centre
IKAS is primarily a Basque language resource centre with more than 28 000 books, reviews, CDs and DVDs mostly aimed at teachers, as well as a digital library which complements that of the Departmental Educational Resource Centre in Bayonne and which is available online.
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 IKAS also organises activities such as information and training sessions for teachers.

 creation and translation service:
IKAS is above all a creation and translation service - in collaboration with teaching staff from the three school systems. It publishes and distributes educational resources whose content is approved by the Ministry of Education’s school inspectorate with the linguistic expertise of Basque language academics.

Editorial choices are decided by a committee whose members include representatives of teachers and education specialists from the four educational systems, the director of the Aquitaine Regional Educational Resource Centre and the Ministry of Education’s school inspectorate and representative of the State Agency for the Basque language.

The collections published to date primarily concern the teaching of Basque from nursery school to high school, and the teaching of mathematics and science, history and geography. New publications also cover other disciplines, such as physical and artistic education. Finally, IKAS’ productions are characterised by a variety of supports : manuals, catalogues, posters, DVDs and digital documents on line.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is chaired by Maite Erdozaincy-Etchart and has 18 members divided into four colleges:

 8 members: representing teacher associations from the four educational systems.
 5 members: representing parents from the three school systems.
 3 representatives: persons and establishments in the fields of education and culture as well as an academic appointed by the Interuniversity Department of Basque Studies.
 2 ex-officio members: the Chief Education Officer in Bordeaux, and the President of the State Agency for the Basque language.

The Team

 Aines Dufau, Director
 Fred Larrondo, Secretary & Head of Distribution
 Pantxika Paterne, Project Manager
 Xabier Elizondo, Graphic Designer
 Jaki Elkano, Bask Method Project Manager
 Ixabel Erremundegi, Administrative and technical manager
 Elise Bancon, Archivist
 Unai Zubeldia, Project Manager